Along the Curve
I stumbled upon a captivating technique employing Maya's MASH toolset. This method conjures sweeping models reminiscent of brush and ink creations. The result is a fusion of digital precision and organic aesthetics, breathing life into forms that carry the elegance of traditional artistic mediums.
The Cephalods
This technique has been my go-to for 3D sketching, revealing organic forms in a satisfyingly natural manner. Embracing the chameleonic nature of cephalopods, I aimed to capture their tentacle-like nature and craft abstract, otherworldly octopus-inspired creatures.
The Circus
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec's early line drawings captivated me, inspiring a quest to recreate their immediacy with contemporary digital tools. Building upon the experience of my previous pieces, I refined the technique even further, aiming to capture intense movement with simplicity and instinctiveness.​​​​​​​
The Dancing Chicken
In Stroszek, Werner Herzog used the image of dancing chicken as a sarcastic symbol of modern life's hollowness. Contrarily, I aimed to dignify the humble chicken, capturing its vitality and spirit with an elegant touch. Drawing inspiration from a college encounter with a rooster and charcoal, I settled on these black and white images.

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