Experiments in the void
The works in this collection of images delve into the colour, composition, lighting, camera effects and rendering possibilities that are available in a digital and three-dimensional realm. Each piece serves as an exploration within the immersive and vast canvas of 3D space.
I set out with the basic intent to take some extremely basic feather-like shapes, and apply some computer aided duplication and randomness to generate some kind of highly abstract representation of birds-of-paradise. The end result being these swirly vortexes of colour that I've tried to present as if they were a bird spreading its feathers.

High Dense
As if gazing through an inter-planetary rover's viewfinder, I envisioned a rocky, multi-colored planet's surface. This planetary inspiration drove me to delve into generating ecosystems. With multiple iterations, my focus shifted from surface landscapes to something more microscopic.

Phantoms of Surrealism
With a desert backdrop reminiscent of surrealist masterpieces, I attempted to craft my own desert spectacles. Inspired by Sheila Legge's photography, I aimed to generate dreamy visions that resonate with the same motifs.​​​​​​​
Ice Spirals
My aspiration was to immerse the viewer in enchanting spirals, akin to journeying into a storm's core. The outcome yielded chilling and somewhat ominous results—less of a jovial Christmas morning, and more of an icy maelstrom.​​​​​​​
The intricate patterns and hues found in MRI and CT scans offer an interesting insight into visualizing our brain's intricate dance with emotions and biology. Here, I explored this connection attempting to bring to life the concepts: inventio, dispositio, elocutio, memoria, and pronuntiatio.​​​​​​​
In my artistic explorations, I've discovered the fascinating visuals from layering uneven lines in 2D or 3D spaces. While some view the visual noise as unwanted, I enjoy the intricate patterns it produces at varying scales—forming rich textures and unpredictable visuals.​​​​​​​
Rothko's Canyons
​I wanted to capture the essence of Rothko's expansive walls of colour from a more intimate perspective. These images reflects this intention quite literally, almost as if you're experiencing his artworks nestled amidst the spaces between those big blocks of colour.

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