I moved to Yokohama in Japan from the U.K. in 2016 and have been creating, learning Japanese, travelling and teaching here ever since. Autodesk Maya and Adobe After Effects were the primary tools used to generate all of the art and animation on this website. I sometimes dabble in digital and analogue film photography, and even the occasional bit of generative art in JavaScript with the p5.js library. I enjoy coming up with the seed of an idea and then seeing what happens when that idea is combined with the power of creation tools like Maya in a kind of experimental and emergent way.
I'm a native English speaker with the ability to comprehend spoken and written Japanese at JLPT N2 level, and I achieved a successful education in the arts relating to digital art, design, and computer animation. 
More information is available upon request. Please feel free to contact me via the form below or get in touch via social media such as Twitter or LinkedIn. 
SOFTWARE: Autodesk Maya, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro/DaVinci Resolve
LOCATION:  Yokohama/Tokyo, Japan
LANGUAGES: English (native - 母語), Japanese (JLPT/日本語能力試験 - N2 - Passed - 合格)
Work featured in:

3D Artist Magazine
Digital Arts Magazine
Lighting for Animation :: The Art of Visual Storytelling 
by  Jasmine Katatikarn and Michael Tanzillo
Thank you!
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